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Image coding using Cellular Automata based LDPC codes


Anbuselvi M and Saravanan P


Vol. 17  No. 11  pp. 146-150


Image transmission in wireless channel includes the Low Density Parity Check(LDPC) Codes as the Channel coder for better error performance in the AWGN Channel. The LDPC Codes are included in image transmission due to their low latency and highly parallelizable with capacity approaching near to Shannon’s Limit. Parity Check Matrix (PCM) in the LDPC Codes need to be more sparse to reduce the computational complexity in encoding and decoding algorithms. Cellular Automata (CA) is a computational method for implementing the complex computational blocks into power efficient simple structures. Parity Check matrix in the LDPC codes are structured by the non-uniform Cellular Automata rules. In this paper the LDPC codes with the Cellular Automata based Hierarchical Diagonal Parity Check Matrix (HDPCM) structured PCM has been used as the Channel coder in the Image transmission. Performance analysis on the channel in different noise variance has been done for the Binary image in the AWGN channel. The proposed CA based LDPC Codes with CA based HDPCM outperforms the Lower Diagonal Parity Check Matrix and Double Diagonal Parity Check Matrix. Input here the part of summary.


LDPC Codes, Cellular Automata, FFT-SPA decoding algorithm, Generation Matrix, Image transmission.