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Developing an End-to-End Secure Chat Application


Noor Sabah, Jamal M. Kadhim and Ban N. Dhannoon


Vol. 17  No. 11  pp. 108-113


Chat applications have become one of the most important and popular applications on smartphones. It has the capability of exchange text messages, images and files which it cost free for the users to communicate with each other. All messages must be protected. The aim of the paper is to propose chat application that provides End-to-End security that let safely exchange private information with each other without worrying about data. In addition to the protection of storage. A list of requirements to make secure chat application is presented in this paper and based on these requirements, the application was designed. The proposed chat application was compared with other popular applications based on those requirements as well as it has been tested as a proof for providing End-to-End security.


Secure chat application, Security, Android, Secure session, Secure storage