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Routing via MST K-Algorithm in Access Mesh Networks for IPTV Reliability


Muhammad Akram, C. A.Rahim, Amjad Hussain Zahid


Vol. 17  No. 11  pp. 75-89


Computing the reliability and routing is very important to identify and quantify the impact of network failure. For reliability of IPTV networks including fixed setup and for mobile setup, different models and algorithms were proposed. These models are probabilistic link model, deterministic models and proactive models with different algorithms for example Dijkstra algorithm, Legacy STP algorithm and Bellman?Ford algorithm. But these models have limitations such as predicted probabilities and computationally expensive matrix inversion and also the run time worst-case. To avoid the multipath routing for initial route, the Kruskal algorithm with filter is suggested in this work. The implementation of suggested algorithm shows the efficient solution which is suitable to topological for multipath routing failures.


IPTV, MST, Routing reliability, Access mesh networks