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Authentication Techniques in Cloud and Mobile Cloud Computing


Mahamudul Hasan, Md. Hasnat Riaz, Md. Auhidur Rahman


Vol. 17  No. 11  pp. 28-39


A major challenge in cloud and mobile cloud computing is to ensure security and privacy of user’s personal information (e.g., financial data, health record, location information) from malicious attacks. It is important for a cloud service provider (CSP) to establish trust and gain confidence by providing proper security and privacy to the clients. Authentication is important for establishing accountability and authorization of the users while allocating cloud resources. Researchers have proposed several techniques, such as token-based, image and biometric based, to make the authentication process more efficient, secure and user friendly. In this paper, we discuss different authentication techniques proposed for both cloud and mobile cloud computing environments. We categorize the algorithms based on its input, i.e. the credentials required for validating users. However, we emphasize that the classification is not precise, as it is difficult to classify the authentication algorithms relying on more than one user credentials (multi-factor authentication). To understand the complexity and delay of an authentication process, we focus on the number of entities involved in an authentication process and the number of handshakes taking place between them. We also compare the authentication algorithms on the basis of design principles and popular security attacks.


Could Computing, Mobile Cloud computing, Authentication, Confidentiality, Integrity.