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WSN Multi-Tier MDC GRID based Routing Protocol to mitigate Financial Impact


Farhan A. Siddqui, Muhammad Saeed, Jibran R. Khan, Muhammad Arshad, Nasir Touheed


Vol. 17  No. 11  pp. 20-27


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) comprised of several thousands of sensor nodes that can be used as an effective tool for data collection in a variety of fields. With the use of WSN technology, the agri-business aids irrigation controlling, weather monitoring, pest controlling and different levels etc. to avoid financial losses and minimizes risk. As GDP play’s an important role in the country economic sustainability so minimization of financial losses to increase the overall GDP of an agro-economic country like Pakistan (generate 70% total export Income by agri-business) is utmost important. Sensor nodes collect aggregated data with minimum energy consumption to save battery life. This paper focused, is to enhance the network performance with minimum energy consumption based on Hybrid Multi-Tier Mobile Data Collector (MDC) based Routing protocol. Hybrid Multi-Tier MDC based routing protocol uses Multi-hop communication and Multi-Tier architecture mechanism. We have conducted simulation based evaluations to compare the proposed protocol with MDC minimum distance. The proposed methodology shows the substantial improvement in minimizing senor node’s energy consumption and improves the network lifetime to mitigate financial impact.


Wireless Sensor Networks, Multitier Architecture, Energy efficiency, Mobile Data Collector, Financial Gain, Agri-Business