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An Approach for Cloud Computing Environment as Solution Method to Aid E-Learning & Multimedia Training and Act as Cloud Disaster Recovery


Maryam S. F. Alrakf


Vol. 17  No. 10  pp. 179-188


Cloud computing (CC) method is a new trend in tackling disconnected lead-time for a down internal information system(s), to avoid work devastation for education and training enterprise(s). A sudden halt of institutes’ computerized services for an hour or many days can cause chaos and disrupt the vibrant affairs of administration procedure, faulty members as well as students’ daily processes and the required updates on the organization’s termly information. To depend on traditional disaster recovery methods to continue the business activities as usual and to reach the ultimate level of information retrieval abilities before the crash of computer system(s) seems as heave in the present time. Regular computer recovery servers could not accommodate such an operation owing to the staggering rise of student numbers, the demanding of computerized service on a variety of applications for faculty members, students and management electronic correspondent, due to cost overheads, inadequate financial plan and lack of in-house technical team. This lead to high demand on methodology with aid of cloud computing (CC) collaborative(s) to secure the effectiveness for many electronics & multimedia endeavor and act as disaster recovery (DR) plan for education and training institute(s).


Cloud computing, Down-lead-time, traditional disaster recovery methods, Cloud disaster recovery methods, E-learning, multimedia training