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Preprocessing of Online Urdu Handwriting for Mobile Devices


Fareeha Anwar, Muhammad Adnan Aftab,Dr. Syed Afaq Hussain and Dr.Ayyaz Hussain


Vol. 17  No. 10  pp. 173-178


Mobile and hand held devices are becoming a necessity these days. New technologies are emerging as more and more mobile devices are used commonly. Touch devices are cheap and affordable these days. Touch screen has increased the mobile devices utilization and more navigation of mobile systems. Keyboard are used since long and an easy way to input for writing text. But it is difficult to input cursive languages. Urdu is one of the example of cursive language. Urdu input is difficult using a traditional keyboard. Therefore, there is need to devise a software, which take online input for Urdu text, and after performing processing task can recognize it more efficiently and give correct results. Preprocessing is one of the most important steps in process of recognition. Good preprocessing will directly results in efficient recognition. In this paper, a novel technique of preprocessing of Urdu text for mobile devices is proposed. Results shows that proposed preprocessing technique results in fast and efficient recognition.


Strokes, Preprocessing, Urdu, Cursive Language, Online Handwriting, Mobile devices