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Blood Glucose Regulation in Diabetic Patients by Newly designed Smart Controllers


Rahele Yazdani, Gita Bagheri


Vol. 17  No. 10  pp. 159-165


This paper attempted to propose a SDRE controller with regulation of adapting weighting coefficients for blood glucose concentration control in patients with type 1 diabetes. The weighting coefficients found in the cost function of SDRE controller were adjusted through a neuro-fuzzy network. In other words, the term ""smart” in the title refers to neuro-fuzzy networks. In this paper, a successful practical model was selected and smart and stable techniques were integrated to desirably control glucose levels. To this end, a neuro-fuzzy network was adopted to identify and control the nonlinear system behavior, while comparing LQR and SDRE controllers. At the next stage, a new diabetes controller was designed based on assigning adaptive weights to the SDRE controller. Finally, the newly proposed method was simulated on the diabetes model to demonstrate its great capability in blood glucose concentration control.


Glucose concentration control, SDRE controller, Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Identification