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Implementation of Smart Cities under IoT & Big data Analytics


Farooq Ahmed


Vol. 17  No. 10  pp. 153-158


In this modern era technological aspects are enhancing with the mitigation of rusty flaws and traditional methods and encapsulating the same in a wide range of latest methodologies. However, in this brutal research we focus on the man-power or human effort in daily based tasks being done in the city environments and provide an enthusiastic solution to incorporate the maximum level of ease. The research involves automation of such tasks and actions in order to save time and to ensure the productivity with a great extent also endorse the use of modern technologies. To do so, we will be incorporating the idea of automation in a city / smart processes and tasks for a city with the controlling mechanism through an automated system such as sensors, gadgets etc. The control mechanism would be under the surveillance of the device and can be operated under the umbrella of any operating system. On the other hand, there would be a bulk of data in form of user database, product descriptions, device operational attributes and user responses it would be termed as the IoT (Internet of Things) environment. The overall, control would be sensor based and data can be received and transferred by means of WiFi.


Big Data, Internet of Things, Sensors, Surveillance.