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The Study of OpenDtect Seismic Data Interpretation and Visualization Package in Relation to Seismic Interpretation and Visualization Models


Izzatdin Abdul Aziz, Jafreezal Jaafar, Abdul Rehman Gilal


Vol. 17  No. 10  pp. 124-134


Seismic interpretation software acts as a tool to assist geophysicists in making accurate geological predictions and decisions. Many geophysicists believe that the reliability of seismic interpretation software and its compatibility with other seismic data processing packages is the key instrument to an accurate well prediction. In this report we study the OpenDtect seismic visualization and interpretation tool in relation to seismic reflection methods. Representing seismic data in a 3 dimensional forms (3D), discern more seismic attributes or information to be visible from a seismic dataset. In a geological mapping operation to collect seismic data, reflecting signal tend to diffract and bend when propagating towards the Earth subsurface having various densities. In a complex geological structure, the Earth subsurface posed a major challenge in understanding seismic signal reflections. Reflecting signal velocity is an important attribute to the understanding the Earth subsurface thickness and materials. Velocity model is used to match the seismic dataset with its accurate seismic traces obtained from a geological mapping operation. The accuracy of matching velocity value with its corresponding seismic trace allows precise depths estimations of the Earth subsurface structures. Understanding geological structures underneath the earth surface is essential to estimate and predict the existence of hydrocarbon traps.


Seismic visualization, open source seismic visualization package, hydrocarbon exploration, geophysical exploration, seismic data interpretation, OpenDtect