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Analysis of Web based Structural Security Patterns by Employing Ten Security Principles


Rabia Riaz, Sanam Shahla Rizvi, Farina Riaz, Nosheen Hameed, Sana Shokat


Vol. 17  No. 10  pp. 45-56


Security is an important and reminisce issue of any software. To ignore security matters or leaving them till later stages of software development could be dangerous as it is difficult to retrofit security in an application later on. In the security critical applications, it is extremely important to avoid mistakes. Therefore, the use of security patterns is important for developing a secure system. In this paper we present how security can boost up by using ten security principles. We conducted a literature review in the field of security patterns, identified problems and proposed a pattern for user authentication function in mobile devices and carried out a comparison based research. We are using ten security design principles as matrices comparing with structure patterns. We summarize which patterns fulfill which of these ten security principles. We get these security patterns from security patterns repository.


Web applications security design patterns security principles mobile devices user authentication