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Securing Modern Web Services from Distributed Denial of Service using SVM


Abdullah Aljumah


Vol. 17  No. 10  pp. 23-31


The model network has entered our home through internet and has made our lives very comfortable and this huge world so small by allowing users to have access to any part of the world. The openness and increasing accessibility of the network has already increased the threats for data and the services provided by the network and one such mean is DDoS attack which prevents the legitimate users from accessing the services provided by the server. In this research article we have provided a detection mechanism called vector support mechanism (sometimes known as support vector machines). The main idea behind this SVM is to integrate already discovered attack pattern and train SVM with the help of artificial neural network. After applying various scenarios and hits, we present a highly efficient detection method for DDoS.


DDoS, ANN, SVM, Security, AI.