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Privacy-Preserving Targeted Mobile Advertising Using Federated Identity Management Systems


Waleed A. Alrodhan


Vol. 17  No. 10  pp. 15-22


Mobile advertising is taking over the business of advertising after a rather rapid leap in both revenue and efficiency. Targeted mobile advertising (TMA) is one of the most efficient models of mobile advertising however, it raises the issue of privacy preserving and data protection. In order to address that, a scheme named Privacy-Preserving TMA (or PPTMA) has been recently proposed that included practical solutions to many privacy issues associated with TMA. However, we believe that PPTMA can be more practical and secure if combined with a Federated Identities Identity Management (FIdM) system. In this paper, we prove that this proposed integration would minimize the computational and storage requirements and boost up the security level. In FIdM, the identity provider is trusted by definition, and security tools and techniques like for example pseudonyms, cryptography, secure messaging, strong authentication, and many more, are already embedded. Moreover, integrating PPTMA with widely used FIdM systems would increase its practicality and the user acceptance. Finally, the paper discusses a 'high-level' integration model and omits the small technical issues that can be resolved in a full-integration model


Privacy, security, mobile, advertisement, identity.