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Reliable and Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Networks


Hamdollah Ghamgin


Vol. 17  No. 10  pp. 1-7


Today, designing high energy-efficient protocol for WSN becomes more challenging. Some of military applications, many civilian software, trading and environmental applications, considered the use of sensor networks. WSN routing protocols can be classified into two main components: Central and hierarchical data. However, in order to choosing browses and keeping the branches, hierarchical protocols need more computation. Therefore, our research is focused primarily on the central data categories, and also all of the communications were established based on metadata (The data that have been named based on its attributes). In this paper, we're going to design a valid and efficient protocol, which is called REEP. The aim of this study is developing a reliable and high efficient protocol, which can increase the needs of fault tolerance with increasing of network lifetime.


Wireless sensor networks, fault tolerance, design REEP, reliability