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ST Segment Analysis Using Wavelet Transform


Rachid HADDADI1, Elhassane ABDELMOUNIM1, Mustapha EL HANINE1, Abdelaziz BELAGUID2


Vol. 17  No. 9  pp. 102-107


In this work, we present an algorithm for ST segment analysis in electrocardiogram (ECG) using wavelet transform. In preprocessing stage, Discrete Wavelet Transform DWT is used to remove the baseline wander (BW) and power line interference (PLI) in the ECG signal. The decomposition of the ECG signal using Daubechies (Db4) Wavelet up to level 8 allows accurate time-frequency localization of the heartbeat waves (QRS complex, P wave, and T wave). ST segment level was estimated based on the isoelectric level. The algorithm was evaluated against European ST-T Database (EDB) and Long-Term ST Database (LTSTDB).


ECG, DWT, QRS detection, ST segment, isoelectric line.