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Energy efficient approach for target tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks


Asmaa Ez-zaidi † and Said Rakrak †


Vol. 17  No. 9  pp. 95-101


Target tracking is one of the hottest topics of research in wireless sensor networks. It consists in detecting and retrieving the successive locations of single or multiple objects during their movements in the monitored area. Minimizing the energy consumption while providing high accuracy in target tracking is a challenging problem as sensor nodes are constrained in terms of energy. In this paper, we present an energy efficient approach for object tracking based on data mining techniques to predict the future location of the target. Nodes within this location are activated while the others remain in sleep mode which reduce the energy consumption and prolong the network lifetime. Moreover, we introduce a recovery mechanism to recapture the object in case it was missed. Extensive simulations via NS-2 simulator revealed the effectiveness of our proposed approach.


Wireless Sensor Networks, Target tracking mobile object tracker recovery prediction energy consumption target loss