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Exploration of Color Visual Cryptography By Using Hybrid Technique


Khalid Akbar, Rao Sohail Iqbal, Ghulam Ali, Ume Aymen and Muhammad Yasir


Vol. 17  No. 9  pp. 46-52


To secure data is a vital part of communication and multimedia. To store and share data without having any access of third party is the real challenge. To avail this ability is an important art. A lot of method are being used recently in this regard. This may be done by converting a data into some unfamiliar forms, signals, or sketch etc. Which may not be read or understood by the third party. Cryptography is the best in this regard. Cryptography word has emerged from the Greek word Krypto hide and Grafo write .This technique has two methods encryption and decryption. The former deals with the conversion by possessing a key of fundamental data into unreadable form called encoding. Bringing of encrypted data into original form in decoding or decryption. We intend to put forward a private visual cryptography scheme that is robust and resilient enough to provide enhanced security of confidential information. In this paper, a comparison of the new hybrid visual cryptography scheme (HVCG) has planned enhance security and ensures secret image encryption completely private. An algorithm is quite dynamic, multi-level security by selecting the color of the random number implementation.


Visual cryptography, Hybrid Cryptography scheme, Extended Visual Cryptography Scheme.