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Use of knowledge maps in collaborative networks management (Case Study: SSFR Company)


Mohammadhossein Karimi Govareshki†, Seyed Javad Hosseini††, Ramin Taghinejad†††


Vol. 17  No. 9  pp. 21-28


Today, knowledge is considered as a valuable and strategic source as well as an asset, and providing high quality products without proper management and use of this valuable resource is difficult and sometimes impossible. The use of knowledge management tools in the efficient and effective management of collaborative networks is very important. This study was carried out aimed to investigate knowledge management performance in the collaborative network and then by drawing a knowledge map, Sustainable Smart Force Research Company was studied as case study. Also, this study has investigated the indicators of supply chain performance including price, quality, flexibility, agility and speed and supplier selection indicators including past performance, financial stability, timely delivery, knowledge management indicators including transfer, sharing and distribution of knowledge, organizing, maintenance and accumulation of knowledge and acquisition, creation and production of knowledge for use in the knowledge mapping algorithm. In this study, an algorithm is provided which specifies the collaborative network status by drawing knowledge map to accelerate the drawing process of knowledge map in the collaborative network and help manager to make better decisions


Knowledge Management, Knowledge Map, Collaborative Network, Supply Chain