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Future of Data Security with the Emergence of Quantum Paradigm


Muhammad Anwaar Saeed†, K. Ahmed††


Vol. 17  No. 9  pp. 1-5


In the emerging era of communication and data processing, security is becoming the prime concern, though since the invention of computation machines / computers, scientists are proposing / improving various mechanisms and theories to address this specific concern. Most of the methods used to secure data are categorized as cryptographic methods which are normally derived from a mathematical concept and dependent upon the hardness of the mathematical problem. In computation, mathematical problems are linked to the processing capability of the machine, therefore, as the processing capability is enhancing, various known and trusted cryptographic methodologies has been compromised. Quantum computing is one of the strong contenders which is providing processing power and logic to break the conventional cryptographic methods. This paper is focused on providing the review of existing methodologies and way forward for further exploration.


Quantum Cryptography, QKD, ECC, NTRU, BB84, BB92