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Creativity and Creative Innovation: Evidences of Cognitive Functions During Creativity with Reference to Machine Cognition*


Nida Anwar and Khalil Ahmed


Vol. 17  No. 8  pp. 285-289


Creativity is considered as the human ability of generating novel thoughts or ideas, it is a mental journey between ideas or concepts which includes the novel route and results as novel outcome. Human creativity is based on high- level(convergent/conscious) as well as low-level (divergent/unconscious) cognitive processes, these processes are determined by complex information processing systems and are influenced by emotional and motivational regulatory subsystems. Current research on creativity in agency shows that both conscious and unconscious idea generation plays vital role to artificially develop the creative behavior. This paper highlights cognitive processes and their involvement in development of a novel outcome, which provides support to the remarks on creativity with reference to machine cognition. It will also help us to throw light on importance and power of idea generation in agency and its usefulness to boost up the process of creativity.


Cognitive Science, Creativity, Consciousness, Unconcious.