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C3F: Cross-Cloud Communication Framework for Resource Sharing amongst Cloud Networks: An Extended Study


Ahmad Waqas, Abdul Rehman Gilal, M. Abdul Rehman, Qamar Uddin, Nadeem Mahmood, Zulkefli Muhammed Yusof


Vol. 17  No. 8  pp. 216-228


This paper presents a resource sharing model to share the computing resources amongst cloud networks. The resource sharing model is developed for interconnected clouds and is tested using the cross-cloud communication framework (C3F). In many situations, clouds are overloaded or underutilized due to the varying demands of computing resources by running applications and users. The aim of the proposed resource sharing model is to manage cloud resources by sharing underutilized resources. For that, C3F is exploited for borrowing and lending the resources with mutual agreement between interconnected clouds. To illustrate, CSM and ICM are programmed to communicate with each other for requesting and allocating resources. The processes of resource lending and borrowing are explained. The paper also demonstrates an algorithm for resources sharing along with running time complexity computations.


Cloud computing Resource Sharing Resource Management Cross-cloud Communication ReSA