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Video Security in Internet of Things: An Overview


Mina A. Hamoudy, Mahmoud H. Qutqut and Fadi Almasalha


Vol. 17  No. 8  pp. 199-205


Internet of Things (IoT) became one of the core networking paradigms nowadays. IoT is already interconnected millions of things (e.g., sensors, appliances, video cameras, devices) and expected soon to connect billions of new devices. An important challenge for supporting multimedia applications in the IoT is the security heterogeneity of several of technologies, devices, and protocols. In this paper, we overview the video streaming in the IoT networks focusing on the security of video in IoT. We present a comprehensive overview of security issues and challenges in video streaming in IoT in order for a better understanding.


Internet of Things Security Video Streaming Video Traffic IoT Video, Video Security.