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Educational Robotics: Comparative Study and Amendments


M. Alshehri, Sunil Kumar Sharma


Vol. 17  No. 8  pp. 182-186


This paper focus on the comparative study on the current educational robotics and biases which effects this fields not be completely suitable for education. Through the study conducted we have identified the various biases and tried to solve the individual biases with the some amendments which can done in this field to enhance Educational Robotics. This paper not only aims on biases and amendments, but also included the educational requirements and keeping them in mind to suggest the proper robotic structure to ensure the robotic layout with add-on capabilities and provide a proper learning environment. Once after the proper implementation and through certain run and fixed, we would be having the better Educational Robotics model to enable senior wings utilize educational robotics in studies.


Education Robotics, Structure Design and working, Biases Solving.