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An Examination of Factors Influencing the Quality of Data in a Data Warehouse


Nouha ZELLAL and Abdellah ZAOUIA


Vol. 17  No. 8  pp. 161-169


Data quality in a data warehouse is a key success factor for each Business Intelligence project. In fact, it has a direct impact on taken decisions. If the data quality is good enough for decision makers, the decision support system is very helpful for them. It allows them to have the right inputs to take the right decisions wherever and whenever they need them. But when the data warehouse is of poor data quality, it can have serious impacts on taken decisions that may be even disastrous. Considering this importance of data quality in data warehouse, we aim in this study to investigate the influence of such contingency factors as top management commitment, data quality management practices, external expertise, data quality at the source, teamwork and technology factor, on the one hand, and data quality in data warehouse, on the other. We developed a conceptual model where we formulated the relevant hypotheses (Zellal & Zaouia, 2015) and then we established the measurement model (Zellal & Zaouia, 2016). We conducted the survey in Morocco and we used a structural equation modeling technique to analyze the collected data. The objective of identifying the most critical factors is to enable stakeholders to better use their scare resources while implementing a data warehouse by focusing on these key areas that are most likely to have a greater impact on the data quality in data Warehouse.


Data Quality, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Influencing factors.