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Exploring the Impact of Big Data in Healthcare and Techniques in Preserving Patients' Privacy


Justice Asare-Frempong and Manoj Jayabalan


Vol. 17  No. 8  pp. 143-149


The era of big data brings several benefits and opportunities to the healthcare industry by way of providing timely patient care services, proactive disease detection, real-time monitoring among others. The adoption of big data in healthcare with its accompanying plethora of advantages has been a revelation, nonetheless, activities of data poachers and other adversaries has left the downside of big data much to be desired. The major challenge faced by healthcare providers on safeguarding the privacy and security of patients’ data. This study explores technologies in preserving patients’ privacy in the healthcare industry with emphasis on data stored in Electronic Health Records (EHRs). The techniques explored are anonymization techniques, cryptographic, and data management framework. In as much as the formerly mentioned techniques (anonymization and cryptography) possess some enviable merits, studies have proven ambiguities in their usage. The utilization of data management framework largely absorbs the deficiencies inherent in the former techniques, hence provides a more reliable mechanism in preserving privacy and security.


Anonymization, Big Data, Cryptography, Data Management, Electronic Health Record, Privacy, Security