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Do Personality Traits Play a Role in Social Media Addiction? Key Considerations for Successful Optimized Model to Avoid Social Networking Sites Addiction: A Developing Country Perspective


Mohammed-Issa Riad Mousa Jaradat, Anas Jebreen Atyeh


Vol. 17  No. 8  pp. 120-131


The current study attempts to examine the relationship between the Big Five personality traits and the social media addiction in a developing country perspective like Jordan. The moderating effects of gender, age, college type, expense and experience were also examined. By surveying 380 undergraduate college students, it was found that the respondents spend on (Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube) more than the addiction benchmark. Only 7.9% of the participants are classified as social media addicts however, 62.1% are in the alert group, meanwhile, 30% are in the normal group. The current study shows that individuals who tend to be less neurotic, extraverted and open to untraditional things and ideas are likely to use the social media sites heavily therefore, they are prone to be addicts. The results also reveal that the moderation role of gender, age and expense does not have any moderation effects. However, there is some moderation role regarding the college type and experience on social networking sites addiction. The findings also demonstrate that men spend more time than women do in the time they spend on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google + and LinkedIn. Meanwhile, women spend more time on WhatsApp and Twitter. Such insights can be used to identify and select best plans, strategies, manners and SNS features that can be employed to reach an effective and right SNS usage among students to optimize their health and academic performance. Accordingly, the development of societies and countries can be achieved. Implications, limitations and future studies for research are suggested.


Social Media Addiction, Big Five Personality Traits, Gender, Age, College Type, Expense, Experience, Jordan