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Reviewing and modeling the optimal output velocity of slot linear diffusers to reduce air contamination in the surgical site of operating rooms


Maryam Bahador, and Mohammad Mehdi Keshtkar


Vol. 17  No. 8  pp. 82-89


To remove the particles and the environmental contaminations, the hospitals and the health centers need an appropriate air conditioning. Thus, to provide an appropriate design considering all conditions for an air conditioning system will ensure a healthy environment by achieving the thermal comfort for the nurses, doctors, patients and visitors. In the present paper, the outlet airflow through a laminar flow diffuser in order to find the optimal airflow velocity to reduce the air contamination in the surgical site of operating rooms has been studied. The governing equations on the fluid flow including the continuity, momentum, energy equations and species equation have been numerically solved by using the FLUENT software. The results show that the air curtain without any sufficient effect on the laminar airflow cannot properly control it and even it may pull the outlet airflow from this curtain into the laminar airflow and the operating room is turned back into its same conditions when using the vertical laminar airflow. Also, the results show that an air curtain having an optimal velocity of the outlet air greatly influences the reduction of air contamination, maintaining the more desired conditions and a better flow pattern.


Laminar flow diffuser, Operating room, Contamination, Air curtain.