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Applying Social Network Analysis Techniques in Crawler Based Search Engine to Support Web Terrorism Mining


Amin Shahraki Moghaddam, Javad Hosseinkhani, Suriayati Chuprat, Anoosh Mansouri Birgani, and Solmaz Keikhaee


Vol. 17  No. 8  pp. 75-81


Terrorism is a man-made phenomenon. It causes huge economic, social and environmental collisions. Criminal web data offer unidentified and precious data for Law enforcement organizations incessantly. The digital data which is used in forensics investigation contains member of information regarding the suspects’ social networks. Though, there is demanding subject regarding investigating these sections of information. The terrorist association network has been used for research due to its complex of people who distributed from groups to groups and have an effectual power of their philosophy all over the world. The major goal of this research is to tackle the process of examining the criminal believes of forensic data investigation regarding prioritizes capable links and pages which wrap the reliability and consistency gap by offering a framework. This study will also argue a variety of open issues in this area.


Web Crime Mining, Terrorist Network, Criminal Network Analysis, Social Network.