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Recommender system for Users of Internet of Things (IOT)


Saman Forouzandeh, Atae Rezaei Aghdam, Mostafa Barkhordari, Seyed Amin Fahimi, Mohsen karzari vayqan, Soran Forouzandeh, Ehsan ghasem khani


Vol. 17  No. 8  pp. 46-51


The evolution of Information Technology caused a new concept called “Internet of Things” (IOT) wherein some devices meet user needs in the form of online manner. Servers that are provided by some companies control each of these devices and users select IOT objects based on their requirements. The main aim of this paper is to studying the recommendation system for IOT devices that are beneficial for users based on their preferences. Thus, we propose a recommendation system that works based on created graph between users, objects, and services, recommending an appropriate IOT device to customers based on their needs and interests. In addition, users and services characteristics are considered in this research study to recommend the best option to users. Results contend that the precision of proposed algorithm is higher than current ones.


Recommender system, Internet of Things, IOT, services