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Evaluation of Hospital Information System Performance from the Perspective of Users in Educational Hospitals


Alireza Emadi, Mobina Ghoochani, Javad Zarei, Ali Mohammadi, Morteza Hemmat, Ali Valinejadi


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 336-340


Hospital information systems (HIS) are electronic instrument that collect, classify, store and keep the financial, administrative and clinical data of patients and retrieve them using the capabilities of the computer and makes it available for the managers and decision makers at any time and place. Evaluation of hospital information system is a complex task in which all human, technical and organizational aspects should be considered. Lack of evaluation can be related to a lack of understanding the potential benefits of information systems therefore, this study aims to evaluate the performance of the hospital information system from a user perspective. The present study was done in the descriptive-analytical method in tow educational hospitals (Kowsar and Amiralmomenin hospitals) in Semnan University of Medical Sciences, in Iran in 2017. The study population comprised of all users and experts of HIS system in the hospital. Data analysis was performed using descriptive and inferential statistics by SPSS19. The level of significance was considered 0.05 in this study. 83 questionnaires (97.6%) were collected out of the 85 questionnaires distributed. 71.4% of respondents had good and excellent computer skills. 69 (83.1%) considered learning how to use the system in the hospital before the launching it by the experts of the given company. The most weight average was elated to improvement of data exchange among wards (0.965±3.78), reduction in staff travel among wards (0.820±3.98) and instant access to patient records (0.884±4.14). 66.7% stated that running HIS reduces bureaucracy and paper savings compared to before. Using one-way ANOVA, a significant relationship was observed between the levels of awareness of users about the hospital information system with education level (P=0.001). Due to the advancement and wider developments in the field of medical information technology and increasing patient expectations, increasing demand to use hospital information systems have emerged in hospital. Hospitals that have not such systems in the twenty-first century will not have the ability to compete with other hospitals. Hence, it can be said that knowledge and understanding of users is the first key to the implementation of hospital information systems.


Hospital Information System, HIS, Evaluation