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Energy management in virtual machine placement operation by using leach routing algorithm


Seyed Javad Mirabedini, Ali Mobaraki


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 324-329


Today, cloud computing systems are regarded as an achievement based on internet space making use of computer technology. In these systems, by using powerful and affordable processors with the help of a software program called server computation structure, as opportunity was provided to steer data centers toward a vast quantity of computing services. This system is built on the idea of physical machines and how they interact with one another. Since a large volume of data is exchanged in these systems, virtual machines are offered to achieve a better control and management of these physical machines. For this reason, one of the important issues in the course of virtual machine recognition and activation is the application of virtual machine placement, so that the best physical machines can be chosen to perform users’ operation accordingly. Therefore, virtual-machine-placement-operation-based control system is able to optimally reduce the amount of energy consumed in a network. Thus, we aim to conduct placement operation by means of Leach routing algorithm in this research. The results obtained from the evaluation clearly indicate the ability of this model to reduce energy consumption in the process of virtual machine placement.


cloud computing, placement, virtualization, virtual machine, leach routing algorithm