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Design of out phasing Power Amplifier Based on LDMOS


Mohsen. Pooya, Farbod. Setoudeh, Mohammad Bagher Tavakoli


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 306-314


The intention of this work was to design a power amplifier at 400-900MHz based on LDMOS (Lateral Double diffused MOS) technology and to analyze the behavior of the design considering memory effects and nonlinear distortions. The MRF6V3090N and two MRFE6VP8600H RF power transistors used in this procedure. The designing composed of a highly linear power amplifier which attained the best gain, Inter modulation Distortion (IMD) and Power Added Efficiency (PAE).These optimizations and Load-pull analysis were utilized in the Agilent Design System (ADS) simulations. The design showed a mismatch problem at the output and high self-heating, at the DC bias network. After a modifications, the PA showed a proper gain of 45dB.We used the non-ideality of ADS model, internal feedback and the big size of the transistor in the package at the frequency bandwidth caused a mismatch at the output. We tried redesigning the PA using ADS, notwithstanding the non-ideality of the model, adjustments have been added to improve the matching and bias networks performance. The design represented an improved gain of 46 dB near the P1dB compression point, however the achieved gain at that point, seems a little lower. The ADS simulations and measured results were used in this process. The design demonstrated a intermodulation distortion and by changing the bias operation, the IMD3 rejection was calculated with ACPR(Adjacent Channel Power Ratio), the ratio between the total power adjacent channel to the main channel's power in the range of -29 to -54dBc which is a good value regarding the standards. The Power Added Efficiency (PAE) of (40-68)% was shown from 450 to 860 MHz in this work. Despite the output mismatch problem at the matching network, this LDMOS transistor has shown a good performance values comparable with the other technologies.


Amplifier,LDMOS,PAE,Pout,ADS,Simulation,Intermodulation,gain,frequency,DC bias,Load Pull,ACPR.