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A Novel Protocol in Media Access Control for Wireless Body Area Network


Zahra Mardani Korani Kamran Zamanifar


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 301-305


Monitoring vital body sign is very important in medical science and is one of the basic requirements in this branch of science. This has been done manually in the past. With technology improvement in monitoring systems, automated system is used without human intervention. In these systems, sensors connect to patient’s body and received data through sensors would be transmitted through wires connected to the central data system for displaying in its monitor. In this paper, we introduce implementing a media access protocol namely PO-MAC. In this protocol collected data through sensors would be transmitted to data center node (data center service node). For proposed implemented protocol evaluation obtained power transmission values, power consumption and delay rate is compared with 2 well known protocols in this area (scope).


Monitoring media access control polling Vital signs.