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The effect and role of colors and environmental psychology in designing nursing home cares


Zahra Mohammadzadeh Moghadam and Reza Mirzaei


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 289-293


The effect of architecture and environment on human spirits and controlling feelings has always been considered as an important matter, but the lack of information improvement and architectures` perseverance on this matter has result in no answer. Nursing home cares are among spaces in which much attention should be paid in designing to be compatible with architecture principles in a special way. Nursing home care is a place where a special age group with special spirits spends much time. As health, life standards, and life expectancy have improved in all around the world, the old population has increased in recent decades. Following this matter, more cares and nursing forces are needed, and some changes in culture, lifestyle, and family forms have intensified the effects of old period`s features accompanied with financial and spiritual losses. Therefore, the effect and role of applying color and psychological effect of environment on old people`s spirit will be considered in this study to create a friendly and suitable environment for the old by the help of necessary indices.


The old, nursing home care, environmental psychology, color