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A Testbed for the Evaluation of Multi-Context Trust Models in Open Multi-Agent Systems


Mifrah Youssef, En-Nouaary Abdeslam1 and Dahchour Mohamed


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 273-280


In open dynamic multi-agent systems, trust is commonly considered as a critical concept to be handled and managed. Computational trust models are a kinds of formal models that have been proposed to manage trust in such situation. These models present a new form of distributed intelligence in virtual societies and collective intelligence. However, the diversity of those models makes user confused about which one to choose. Different testbeds were proposed to evaluate trust and reputation systems and verify the robustness of the underlying trust models. However, those testbeds are not flexible to handle different scenarios in various contexts. In this paper, the authors present a testbed for evaluating computational trust models that could provide user more flexibility while comparing trust models in open systems. The ultimate objective is to evaluate and classify available computational trust models.


trust, reputation, testbed, multi-agent systems.