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MORoles: An Abstract Hierarchy Model for Managing Overlapping Security Roles


Ahmad Mousa Altamimi


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 267-272


Protecting data against unauthorized access is an essential demand for any information system. Such protection ranges from simple authentication to the very complex authorization while at the same time ensuring accessibility to authorized users. To achieve these security considerations, security policies are defined, usually by the system administrator, for controlling and monitoring users accessing. These policies consist of a series of constraints associated with a set of roles that, in turn, may be assigned to one or more users according to their duties. In most cases, user’s roles do not overlap or con?ict. However, in a rapidly changing systems, a user would likely have more than one role, and some of these roles may very well overlap. In this paper, an abstract hierarchy nature security model (MORoles) that has been specifically designed for managing overlapping security roles is presented. MORoles ensures that security roles are mutually consistent by organizing roles into a hierarchy structure to support a more expressive representation and then extracts the highest non-con?icting roles amongst the user’s assigned roles. To underscore the practical visibility of the proposed approach, the open source library tree.hh is utilized to provide a practical implementation.


Security Policies, Privacy, Overlapping, Roles Hierarchy