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Performance Analysis of Millimeter Wave in Satellite-Earth Systems


Shakeel-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Ammar Tauqir and Muhammad Iqbal


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 258-266


With rapid advancement in wireless technologies, the demand of increased data rate is materializing. Gbps(Giga bit per sec) rate throughput can be realized using millimeter waves however, atmospheric attenuations effect on these high frequency waves has not been studied meticulously. Usually satellite-earth link budget calculation does not incorporate these attenuation effects for millimeter waves the inclusion of these attenuations is unavoidable. In this paper we extend ITU model to millimeter waves and evaluate the performance of LEO Satellite-Earth systems for rain, cloud and gas attenuations. We elaborate the modeled system’s various interdependent behaviors for key transmission parameters, satellite-ground station parameters and for atmospheric parameters with meticulous analysis and discussions. Performance of the complete Satellite-Earth System is also simulated for evaluating Eb/No and Bit Error Rate result has been obtained. Finally, the diversity analysis is studied and results are plotted.


Atmospheric attenuations, ITU-R model, Rain Fade, Cloud attenuation, Millimeter wave.