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Examining the barriers to the development of m-commerce in Iran (Case study: Saravan city)


Hassan Nosrati Nahook (Corresponding author), Mehraab Amrashstaan , Reza Nourozi Ajirlo


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 241-246


The main objective of this paper is to examine the obstacles and challenges of mobile business development in Iran, with suitable infrastructure is available. Due to the high penetration of mobile and available for public exposure as a major instrument for m-commerce, in the world and the country in general attention was inclined towards mobile commerce. This article discusses the advantages of mobile trading by using a descriptive survey fieldwork to study the obstacles to the development of mobile commerce will be discussed. The population of the city of Saravan that teachers from mobile phones to pay utility bills and use or do financial transactions was selected. The limited sample size of 500 patients, 174 were but to ensure 200 questionnaires were distributed in November 2015 and after 15 days of 180 questionnaires were collected and analyzed with spss. What this analysis was found to indicate that information technology in the development of m-commerce challenges such as lack of Internet bandwidth, non-suitability of interfaces, user-friendly mobile equipment, lack of culture of commercial use of portable devices, lack of sense of security to use customer, technical limitations of mobile network equipment, as well as instability in the country is facing. And the importance of each from the perspective of different users. Finally, in order to overcome these obstacles and to accelerate the development of m-commerce requirements of modern life, according to results presented solutions.


e-commerce, mobile commerce, mobile tools, technology challenges, business applications CIA