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Designing and Demonstrating New Intelligence Software in Cloud Computing with use of Kalman Filtering


Mehdi Khodadadi


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 226-230


Cloud computing delivers different kinds of computing services such as processing power and infinite storage capacity, which delivers by different service providers through the internet. Lots of companies and individuals do their bests to be able to launch their own services and software’s in cloud computing, and rent them to the users. The goal of this paper is to propose and demonstrate new health-care system, for control and assessing health level of human beings. In our system, present health level status of particular person, is evaluate and gathered by the sensors, which attached on the patient’s body. That information was transferred to cloud computing by use of generic application which is installed in the patient’s mobile phone. In cloud computing, such data will process and if the level of one vital parameter (like hyperglycemia or hypertension) is lower/higher than the standard norm, and also by comparing such data by precedent health information of that person, if the software finds out the possibility of apoplectically or other harmful causes (such process and searching inside of his precedent data and also comparing such information by present conditions of patient will done by Kalman filtering), immediately, it will send an alert to patient’s nurse and specialist.


Cloud Computing, E-Health, Kalman Filtering.