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Proposing New Method for Keeping Power Systems in Steady


State Hossein Soleymani


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 220-225


This paper is an attempt to study the control of active and reactive power to keep the system in the steady state. Also, simple models of the essential components used in control system are analyzed. The objective of the control strategy is to generate and deliver power in an interconnected system as economically and reliably as possible while marinating the voltage and frequency within permissible limits. Changes in real powers affect mainly the system frequency, while reactive power is less sensitive to changes in frequency and is primarily dependent on changes in voltage magnitude. Thus, real and reactive powers are controlled separately. The load frequency control loop controls the real power and frequency, and the automatic voltage regulator loop regulates the reactive and voltage magnitude.


Active power, Reactive power, Steady state of power systems.