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The Hybrid Methods of Column Transposition with Adaptive Minimum Error Least Significant Bit Replacement(AMELSBR) Using file jpg / jpeg and png


Wamilliana, Mustofa Usman, Astria Hijriani, Warsito, and Roni Setiawan


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 174-179


The development of rapid technological demands a strong security system, especially in the process of sending digital data.The more layers of security the less chance the data will be stolen by unauthorized parties.In this case, cryptography is a concept to secure a message by encrypting the message so that is becoming difficult to be understood by others, while the art of steganography is to hide secret messages into other messages in such a way so that other people are not aware of the existence of something in the message. In this research, we built a hybrid system using Column Transposition and Adaptive Minimum Error Least Significant Bit Replacement (AMELSBR) web-based, with media messages to be sent as text file format (.txt), inserted into the media image file format (.jpg) as input (cover) and produces an image with the type of file (.png) as stego image. Using eight pictures with different colors dominant as cover, the result shows that AMELSBR managed to hide files and restore files that have been inserted earlier without causing distortion (noise) excessive stego image. The Column Transposition method affects the result of the manipulation of images such as brightness and contrast changes in pixel values. This increased the number of characters so that the number of columns and rows be increased.The images are resistant to image manipulation form of a cut (crop) and can restore the messages contained in the cropped image on the bottom and right with a certain scale cuts. Some media messaging such as WhatsApp, Line and Blackberry Messenger cannot return a message for applying the system of image compression algorithms while email can.


Cryptography, steganography, column transposition, Replacement (AMELSBR).