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Ontology Alignment using WordNet Method


Somayeh Amirian, Somayeh Mohammadi


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 161-167


Nowadays, the ontology alignment plays an important role in development of information-based systems due to the growing use of ontology in information systems. New technologies such as the Semantic Web facilitate the application of ontology in information systems. These approaches have led to the development of new ontology. The construction of new ontology from zero is not recommended hence, the ontology mediation techniques are utilized in particular fields. Different tools and ways have been now provided for various ontology mediations. This information is not sufficient and comprehensive in some cases and there is a need for more information about the overall ontology in order to improve the result. The ontology alignment aims at creating an alignment which identifies all correct communications. We aim at implementing an algorithm for alignment of two ontologies via the WordNet background knowledge. Our research context or ""the use of Semantic Web as the background information in the ontology mapping"" is one of the ways to achieve this goal which is partially investigated in this article. The use of background information is one of the available methods in the field of ontology alignment. Therefore, this article is seeking to first study the Semantic Web and ontology concepts, and then discuss the existing models and methods for different mediation ontologies, and eventually it improves the available methods in ontology alignment through the background information.


Semantic Web, ontology alignment, background information, ontology