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Compressed Sensing Based Image Steganography System for Secure Transmission of Audio Message with Enhanced Security


Muhammad Zaheer, I.M.Qureshi,Zeeshan Muzaffar and Laeeq Aslam


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 133-141


Research in information security and secrecy is becoming more and more important, as well as, demanding as the information is exponentially exploding. There has been a good bit of focus on cryptography, but with cryptanalysis and crypto attacks, researches have looked into the alternative means, like steganography. Steganography conceals the message into the cover media. In this paper, we have focused on security and payload capacity enhancement of an image steganography system for an audio message by using compressed sensing theory. However, in order to utilize compressed sensing, the audio message is first converted to an equivalent grayscale image which is sparsified using 2D-DCT and thresholding. The sparsified image is further compressed using the proposed compressed sensing algorithm which not only enhances the security but also improves the payload capacity without losing imperceptibility of the system. The compressed image is embedded in chaotically chosen pixels of the cover image. At receiver the compressed sensing reconstruction algorithm is used to reconstruct the grayscale image which is then converted back to the audio message. Results indicate that the proposed system is highly imperceptible, secure and robust against various image processing attacks. It is able to reconstruct secret audio message with high PSNR value.


Image Steganography,Information Security .