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A Cross-layer Framework for IEEE 802.11s-operated Wire-less Mesh Sensor Networks


Ridouane El Mezouary, Mohammed El Koutbi


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 125-132


This paper describes a new cross-layer architecture to compute the throughput performance of an IEEE 802.11s architecture. We present a mathematical model that combines parameters from network and MAC layers. We study the throughput routes and stability of forwarding queues. We focus on a wireless mesh network with static nodes in mesh backhaul and mobile mesh clients. We suppose that we have one route between any two nodes in the network and we study the impact of transmitting probability and the bound on attempts on throughput performance, we also study the impact of hop count and number of connections on the system performance.


wireless mesh network Cross-layer Architecture Stability Throughput Retransmission Queuing Theory.