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An Optimization Method for Participation of a Wind-solar-hydro Pumped in Daily Ahead Operation


Mohammadreza Naghsh Naghshineh and Mehdi Mahdavian


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 118-124


Nowadays, renewable energies to generate electric power have attracted wide speared attention of the market participant. The increase of the wind-solar energy penetration in power system needed to correct existent management methods. The nature of wind and solar generations are random and depend on climate conditions such as wind velocity and solar irradiation (SI). On the other hand, selling energy can boost their profits during high price period that can be done by combination of solar- wind and energy storage, for example, pump hydro storage unit. The main problem in jointing a wind-solar-hydro pumped in the power market is not the same manner as conventional plants and needs day-ahead planning. This paper presents a day-ahead planning of solar-wind-storage so as to satisfy maximum profits for traders and decision making for operators. The method is based on probabilistic forecast by means of ANFIS network and minimization of imbalance of operation penalties.


Wind power, solar irradiance, hydro pumped storage, day-ahead planning