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Comparison between Butterworth and Gaussian High-pass Filters using an Enhanced Method


Farah H. Zawaideh, Qais M. Yousef, Firas H. Zawaideh


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 113-117


Filtering is aimed to preprocess image in order to make it more adaptive for a specific application. Several types of filters are available, involving low-pass filters, which prevent higher frequencies from passage and high-pass filters, which cut low frequencies. The purpose of this paper is to compare between Butterworth High Pass Filter (BHPF) and Gaussian High Pass Filter (GHPF) within the frequency domain to enhance these two filters and to obtain sharper images. The proposed enhanced models were applied on standard pictures and simulated using MATLAB. Experimental results comparing the old and new filters design showed that GHPF outperformed BHPF. Moreover, the new designed filters outperformed the original ones.


Gaussian High-Pass Filter, Butterworth High-Pass Filter, Image Sharpening, Fast Fourier.