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Research and Realization of College Students' Integrated Information Customization System Based on Hadoop


Liu Lijuan


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 96-99


The advent of large data age has provided the convenience of college students' comprehensive information acquisition. This paper studies and realizes college student comprehensive information customization system based on Hadoop. The system uses Htmlparser to complete the collection of information such as campus network、 campus office network and campus forum, Calls Bases classification algorithm with Mahout to realize the distribution of data mining algorithm, Stores the collected data with the distributed database Hbase and develops the client application based on the Android system, connects the mobile terminal with the distributed information processing platform, completes the successful push of the information. The system can provide college students with comprehensive information mobile phone customization services, facilitate students to access custom information at any time and improve the sharing of information services and targeted.


Hadoop comprehensive information customized services cloud services data mining