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Towards A Contextual Mobile Learning Deployment: An Overview


Fatima Ezzahraa LOUHAB, Ayoub BAHNASSE, and Mohamed TALEA


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 80-88


The technology evolution had a positive effect on the manner of the mobile learning development that represents a recent research field, and especially at the level of adequacy and personalization of the contents to meet the users’ needs. The mobile learning has been used in various fields to benefit from its advantages for mobile users looking for a fast and easy access to the information. In this paper, we will present the definition of mobile learning by focusing on the context-awareness notion. Afterward, we will study the integration of this technology in various areas of business, transport, and education, as well as its benefits. Finally, we will specify the research field chosen while presenting an introduction of our contribution in this field.


Mobile learning, context, context-awareness, personalization.