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Mathematical Message Authentication Code Using S-Box key


Mohammed Ali Mohammed , Loay K. Abood and Makki Maliki


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 31-37


In recent year the exchange of information is become widely used. This information is accessible to all, so security is one of the important concept should provide for this information. Message Authentication is one of concept in digital world that is used to verify the integrity of message, message authentication confirm that the data received and send are same (means no modification, deletion or insertion). This paper aims to design and implementation new method for calculation Message Authentication Code (MAC) based on shared secret substitution-box (S-Box) key to provide the message integrity. The methodology consists of four steps: firstly generation the S-Box table using the shared secret key. Secondly, split the message M into blocks (each block will contain number of bits). Thirdly, apply the substitution operation for each character in each block (depend on the index of character in block and block number) using S-Box table. Finally, use mathematical operation to generate the MAC from blocks. The MAC will attach to message and send to receiver, the receiver compare the incoming MAC with calculator MAC, if there is a mismatch the receiver knows that the message has been modify. The result shows, without any doubt, are faster (no rounds), more secure, and less complex comparing with standard method of MAC.


Message Authentication Code (MAC) Message Authentication Message Integrity Substitution-Box (S-Box).