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A Data Integration Approach Based on Indexation


Shokooh Kermanshahani, Hamid Reza Hamidi


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 16-20


Information integration is the problem of combining and querying data from several autonomous and heterogeneous sources in a homogeneous fashion. There are many research projects that present different approaches. Depending on the integrated view, these approaches can be categorized into two main categories: materialized and virtual approaches there are also some hybrid approaches when there is a composition of materialized and virtual views. The main advantage of a hybrid approach is to offer a trade-off between the query response time and data freshness in a data integration system. In the existing approaches, query optimization is often privileged for the materialized part of the system. In this paper, we develop a hybrid approach which aims to extend query optimization to all the queries of the integration system. It also provides a flexible data refreshing mechanism in order to tolerate different characteristics of sources and their data. This approach is based on the Osiris object indexing system. Its indexation system relies on the partitioning of the object space using the view constraints. Our hybrid approach, materializes the indexation structure of the underlying objects at the mediator level and offers more flexibility in data refreshing than a fully materialized approach and a better query response time in comparison with a fully virtual data integration system.


Data Integration, Heterogeneity, Data warehouse, Mediator, Hybrid approach, Views.